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Our Mission


 Ten Years Plan: (1 Aug 2013)
             - Transformissional
Coaching Church

  1. Thought the model of " Transformissional Coaching Church" to build up " Gospel City of Christ', it includes 4C:

    • Christianity: plant new church and theological College etc.

    • Community: set up Counselling Centre, Chinese School, Senior Centre etc.

    • Commercial: Bible study or church in the marketplace, Gospel Cafe etc.

    • Christ: All of the above is to glorified God and Preaching the gospel.

  2. Christian Life transformation:practicing Spiritual Director Exercises and Personal bible study, including subjective and objective life transform.

    • Subjeectively Experience God:S.D. Program and person realtionship with God.。

    • Objective Experience God: Bible study in Bible language, bible class.

  3. Urban City Transformation: build up the marketplace ministry and BAM.

    • join in the marketplce ministry: set up bible study class in marketplace, evengelical centre or helping the minority group.

    • join in the missional ministry: STM or BAM.

  4. group transformation: being the coach and be coached by others.

    • personal health: understand ourselves and build up good character.

    • communication skill: through listening and asking skill to improve the comunication.



Vision statement:  Imitating Christ, Transforming LIfe

Four pillars of Church:

    1. Pastor Led,
    2. Change when needed,
    3. Growth through Christ,
    4. World wide mission.

Mission statement:

                     Blessing others through Christ

Value of the Church:

   1. Integrity: honesty
   2. Excellence: proactive
   3. Synergy: respect

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